Here at BSR Militaria we are happy to offer an interactive website that allows the sale of Military Antiques, including German and Japanese WWII items. As most websites prohibit the sale of these items, we are one of a select few to publicly offer these items for sale, as well as a free to use price guide.

Why We Collect:

     Hi, I am William Perez, founder and owner of BSR Militaria. Here is my story of what got me into collecting. At age 6, I grew up listening to my Grandfather’s stories of his time in the Army. It was his stories and my imagination that founded my addiction to militaria.

     After the War, my grandfather was posted to a cavalry unit in Germany, where he drove tanks. One very snowy winter, his normal patrol route was cut off by deep snow. As the days grew shorter at that time of the year, he and his other comrades did some off-roading in the snow. As the tanks continued off road, occasionally they peaked over hill tops to establish their bearings. Slowly, they would descend the hill tops and continue forward. On one of the hill tops, the tank to my grandfather’s left began to slide off-course and into a forgotten German bunker. In the commotion, the tank overturned which required additional assistance. It would take several hours until the help could arrive, so my grandfather and his comrades set into the bunker. To their amazement they found this bunker fully stocked and untouched since the end of the war – full of Hitler Youth uniforms and German Lugers!

     I remember growing up playing with his bring-backs. These are what got me into collecting! Unfortunately in the 90’s, his home was broken into and all, but one, of his bring-backs were stolen. From that day on I began buying items to show my grandfather and to make up for what was stolen. All that remains is a single Hitler Youth belt buckle that is framed and displayed on my wall.

     It’s because of this that BSR Militaria was formed with an aim to find and sell antique militaria while also preserving each piece and its history!


This is an interactive website that consists of sellers from all over the world. For this reason our Consignment, Layaway, Shipping, Returns and Authority terms do not apply to external parties using our site. To be covered under our policy be sure to purchase or sell items directly to : BSR Militaria : under our seller page.


Here at BSR Militaria we happily offer consignment opportunities from a single piece, to entire collections! We are able to reach thousands of potential customers through personal contacts, social media, and of course BSRmilitaria.com!

Here is how it works:
We will have you send the item/s to us. We professionally photograph and catalog each piece. With this we do the research for you and also price each piece. Once we have all the information and photos, we will then contact you to see if our pricing corresponds with your expectations. Once the item has sold we take a 20% commission for sales under $1000 or 15% commission above $1000. With all sales we give the buyer a 30 day inspection period. Once the 30 day period is up, you will be paid for the consignment. Items sold through consignment are not protected under any lifetime return policy that some vendors may hold here at BSR Militaria. We do however offer a 30 day inspection period once the item has been received by the buyer. After this 30 day period is up, there will be no returns accepted.   

eBay Auctions & Sales:
Once your item/s are listed on BSRmilitaria, we are always happy help expand your search market by listing your item/s on eBay. With this, please expect additional fees charged by eBay for any sale made through their platform. Regarding eBay auctions – All auctions we host are 7 day auctions with the start of $0.99. This helps ensure your item sells within a timely manner, and for a fair market price. 

Layaway / Payment Plans:

Here at BSR Militaria we are happy to offer payment plans on all of our items. We do require that 25% of the payment be placed up front to issue an item on hold. This 25% surcharge is a non refundable payment if the order is canceled. Once an item is placed on hold, there is a 60 day period to complete payment for the item. Missing this deadline may result in a termination, or an added fee to the order.


Here at BSR Militaria we are happy to offer shipping world wide! On all our orders and with no exception we require a tracking number to confirm each order. As always we can combine shipping costs on multiple orders. Due to our inability to adequately insure packages to countries outside of the United States, we cannot be responsible for loss or damages. Therefore, the customer assumes all responsibility for the package once it has left our office. This includes all customs fees and duty charges.

To get in contact with us for an estimate please email us at :


These shipping quotes may be limited to the terms and agreements made directly by sellers through our site.

Photos / Images:

Images displayed on BSR Militaria are the sole property of BSR Militaria and their original authors. They are not to be used without my written permission. This includes posting on collector forums, using in newspapers or other media. If you would like to use an image please contact us via the email address linked below for permission. All images remain the property of BSR Militaria after the object itself has sold. Email – BSRmilitaria@hotmail.com

Restricted Countries:

BSR Militaria cannot accept orders from both Germany and France for the sale of German WWII items. This is due to their countries laws restricting WWII German Militaria. For further information and or appeals please contact us via email at: BSRmilitaria@hotmail.com Examples of prohibited items are : Nazi or Vichy Regime uniforms. Any items with the Swastika, or uniforms involved in crimes against humanity such as Gestapo and SS. WW2 German Army uniforms are allowed. Other items not allowed include coins, stamps, books that have the Nazi Swastika. For further questions or concerns please free to contact us at BSR Militaria. Any items sent to these restricted countries through external sources using our site are liable at THEIR own risk. This is strictly against BSR Militaria’s policies.


Authenticity / Returns:

I William Perez (Founder of BSR Militaria) am happy to offer a 30 day return policy for all of our items, unless stated otherwise. This return policy has been created for the unlikely event of a reproduction item being sold as authentic. This return policy is limited to only items sold as authentic, and proven to be a reproduction. This proof requires at least one written testimonial from a mutually agreed dealer. This return policy is subject to change at anytime. 

A large effort is put forth in order to authenticate each and every piece we sell. Of course with a growing market of fakes, it is very possible and common for long-time dealers to unknowingly sell reproductions. For this reason if an authentic item is sold, and proved to be reproduction, we are happy and willing to issue a refund. Furthermore, if an item is returned, the original shipping cost is not refundable. Similarly we do also require that the returned item is shipped at your costs back to our warehouse.

If an item has been altered since the sale end (Damaged, disassembled, repainted etc. ), this return policy may be canceled at our discretion. 

Items sold through consignment are not protected under our return policy we hold here at BSR Militaria. We do however offer a 30 day inspection period once the item has been received by the buyer. After this 30 day period is up, returns are not accepted.

Items sold through external parties through BSR Militaria are not protected under the 30 day return policy we hold here at BSR Militaria. Please contact the seller directly to see their return policy.